: 2010 Premium vs 2013 Premium

03-30-13, 05:29 PM
So, I've had almost a month with my new 2013 to learn its ins and outs, and find its advantages and disadvantages between the '10 and '13. Here's my observations:

Pros (of the '13):
exterior unlock door button - more intuitive then the half pull unlock from the '10
engine - more torque (down low)
faster throttle response - the '10 learns, but it takes a couple of weeks
softer suspension
softer seats - also I'll put the new Ebony/Light Titanium/Dark Raven Sapelle wood colour combo too over the '10's
CUE - very techy and syncs beautifully with everything
new rim design, also side vents and grille- :D
button style Wreath and Crest on the grille- much harder to damage/easier to protect the crest
Lane Departure Warning, Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Cross Path Detection and Collision Alert
Heated seat - level 3 will turn itself down to level 2 after (10 or so) minutes, not overheating yourself
Park Assist view screens - seem faster and cooler pics
gear shift console indicator lights - the '13 lights up in the console and the dash, the '10 only on the dash. handy for people that are old school and must look at the console to shift (not me :cool2:)
Nav - more updated and graphically beautiful
Bose Audio - new audio pilot is nice, plus the system has noticeably more bass than the '10
Inputs - three USB's in front, one SD card, one Aux, Bluetooth streaming
RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment) - Blue Ray! also one Aux, one USB, one SD card for the back seats. controller for the system and headphones are much nicer, plus the display is upgraded to HD
backup camera - .5 second wait time for the screen compared to 3-4 seconds on the '10 (probably programmed in to account for the screen rising if it was lowered)
interior noise - slightly quieter
OnStar App!
Speed Limit warning - its nice for somebody that would want to use it...

Cons (of the '13):
AFL (Adaptive Forward Lighting) - low beam 'highway' setting is not nearly as high as the '10's. There is a visible difference now between 'highway' and the highs
Interior Ambient Lighting can be totally turned off with the dimmer - I feel this is unnecessary, it doesn't emit enough light dimmed down to interfere, unless you can't see over the window sill
steering weight and feel - the '10's weight is lighter and less dampened. I could feel the front tires with the perfect balance between dampened and feeling what the tires feel
Adaptive Cruise - needs Traction Control ON to function (which TC is unnecessary with winter tires and AWD), ice/sleet seems to disrupt its functionality, it sends off lots of radar signals to my radar detector, any disruptions to Adaptive Cruise renders your cruise out of service until the disruption is resolved. Also mine cuts out for five minutes after the first 20 minute session (unknown if that is a mine only issue :hmm:)
Sport Mode - after 10 mins of sitting in Sport (and not shifting), it will switch to Tour and top gear itself
gauge cluster - could show instant fuel econ and digital speed at the same time. the '13 (as soon as cruise is set) will override the right screen to just update cruise functions. There is no way to see instant econ and actual digital speed on the '13 when cruise has been activated without manually scrolling screens each time. Also I think the '10's cluster had just a bit more pizazz to it. The ice blue and white is nice, but the black background is plain.
tunes/nav - CUE takes about 20 - 30 seconds to load and find your music and nav while the '10 could load within 5 seconds of initial vehicle start
interior door locking - I liked the central locking from the '10 MUCH better than the door locking on the '13
Tire Pressure Monitor System - it took me a bit to realize the '13 TPMS is on a 90* angle to the actual vehicle, I checked the wrong tires three times before I realized the display showed the vehicle pointing to the right. the '10's is more intuitive. Also the '10 could learn itself, the '13 needs a tool
switching songs - CUE takes a second to respond when switching songs. don't push the button too many times, it does remember how many pushes you made
RSE - only one headphone hard jack, the '10 had two
back up camera - exact same as the '10's. not amazing, but not horrible
headlight access - much tighter in the '13, had to disassemble half the bumper to do the driver side light swaps

My old '10 (Dad's now)

My new '13!
http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o51/TheCaptain07/13%20SRX/20130310_192711_zps60a5bb88.jpg :cloud9:

03-30-13, 09:49 PM
Great comparison! I enjoyed it!

03-31-13, 11:19 AM
While I reluctantly hesitate to disagree with the Captain, I very respectfully maintain the following is untrue:" (which TC is unnecessary with winter tires and AWD). This simply is not true. It is true that traction with ADW is enhanced compared to FWD and traction. The traction control is essential, among other things, for proper operation of stability control, and stability control could save your life in mitagation of roll over incidents. Traction should always be "on" except in very specific circumstances that no one would encounter in normal circumstances. Matter of fact, my traction control went out with no dash warning lamp indicating it had, and was in the longest skid of my life on an icy patch of county road coming home in a snowstorm about a year ago. Otherwise, this is a fine review. Wish maybe I had seen it before I traded my 10 AWD for Volt last week! just kidding

Marc NY
03-31-13, 11:52 AM
There are a couple things that I would add to Captain's great review. When you are using a planned destination or trip the Navigation screen (map view) will zoom in and out depending on where you are driving i.e. City, Thruway or rural roads during your trip. It will automatically back in and out to give you a wider birds eye view (I use the 3-D optional view) and it will automatically zoom in when you reaching your exit and or destination point to give you a closer detailed view of the intricate turns you may need to navigate and or take. Of course the new full leather coverage styled heated steering wheel has a more "uniform" feel to it. You can also program your XM radio stations to show the name vs. the station ID only.

I am not sure if Captain's SRXs CUE is the latest version but if he sees simulated stars in dark top area of his Nav screen at night time (3-D mode) he then indeed has the latest version of CUE. Since the CUE's refresh my interfacing with my iPhone works perfectly now. :)

Great review Captain! :thumbsup:

03-31-13, 12:16 PM
I do have the latest CUE. It has stars at night, sky in the day, and a snowflake for the HVAC.
Also I would add the full leather wheel is a nice bonus too over the '10's.