: POLL: Pandora Radio Control in CTS V''s- who's got this feature and who does not.

03-29-13, 10:46 AM
Poll: This is to determine which model year CTS V's support Pandora control from the touch screen of the infotainment system and which model years do not. Please list the model year of your CTS V, model iPhone (3G, 4, 4S) and weather or not Pandora control works on your infotainment system. Since Pandora support from our infotainment systems may just boil down to which operating system your iPhone is running, if possible please list the iOS version currently installed on your iPhone. This information my be helpful to fellow CTS V drivers seeking to get full Pandora functionality from their late model CTS Vs.

Background: I purchased a 2013 CTS V Coupe with the intent of using the Pandora feature in the car. I even went out and added a new iPhone 4S on my secondary account while my car was getting worked on at the dealership. My intent was to play Pandora in my car with control of tracks and stations from the touch screen. After three weeks I get the car back and plug my iPhone 4S into the car with the supplied GM iPhone cable only to discover I have little functionality where Pandora radio is concerned. All I'm able to do is play whatever station I set up from the phone with no information displayed in regard to track, artist, or station and no way of forwarding a track I don't like or to change to another Pandora station aside from opening the center console, taking out my iPhone, and making a track or channel change on the iPhone screen. So I call General Motors and after getting bounced around a bit I finally end up in the "infotainment department". Long story short, the infotainment specialist tells me (after 20 minutes of digging around) that General Motors discontinued the Pandora interface feature on all 2013 model CTS Vs.

It was suggested by another forum member in a different thread that perhaps the '13 infotainment system simply does not support new(er) iOS versions. If true, perhaps an older iOS version will work on a new '13 CTS V? Hopefully this thread will shed light on who does and who does not get this feature and perhaps suggest a work around for full functionality on newer Vs.

03-29-13, 12:42 PM
2011 Vagon
iPhone 4S running iOS 6.1.3 Although this may be irrelevant to your question. It's worked the same with all iOS's for a year and a half.

Pandora is my primary music source, I loathe XM for a number of reasons.

The interface works for the following, both steering wheel buttons, touch screen buttons, & hard buttons on the center stack:
Skip track
Pause/Resume Play
Shows Artist, Track, Album on screen with screen in up or down position

The interface will not let me:
Change Pandora stations, nor see what station I'm currently listening to
Rewind or Fast Forward (Pandora shortfall, not GM'S)
Display Album Art or other song/artist info on screen (Of course, it wont do this with the hard drive or iTunes either)

I purchased a cheap 30 pin extension cable on eBay and plugged it into the GM supplied cable. I leave my iPhone in the cup holder, so if I want to change the station I can do so without digging for the phone. If I'm listening to iTunes on my phone rather than Pandora, I can FF/Rewind/Pause/Skip and see the all the info on my screen as well. I can also search for artist, song etc. from the interface.

Hope this helps...

Thunder Gray STS
03-29-13, 02:06 PM
2012. iPhone 4S. Latest iOS with updates. Pandora works fine. Phone won't plug in with my Otterbox case, I have to remove it for the plug to seat all the way in.

03-02-14, 05:42 PM
2014 CTS-V wagon. Bought it just before the V-sport was announced. Good to know it works with Ipods. Not so with Android devices sadly.

I was livid that the car did not support A2DP bluetooth streaming but got around it by using the GM ipod adapter and this 30pin bluetooth stereo gateway.


No controls, no data interface despite using the 30 pin ipod connection. Wish there was a way to get the AVCTP BT controls to work.

03-18-14, 12:14 PM
Ya I run the same thing!

I am looking to do more with my infotainment and might add the lockpick and kivic that will mirror your smart phone to you nav screen and output audio over bluetooth, but no touch or SW controls.