: Sunroof Shade Broken

03-28-13, 08:47 PM
I just noticed that the brackets that hold the ends of the sunroof shade (the cloth piece that opens closes beneath the sunroof) are broken. The shade still opens and closes but the end droops down about 1" and just hangs loose. It looks like they were just made out of plastic and that pieces have broken off of them and are now missing.

Two questions, has anybody else had this happen and would this be covered by my bumper to bumper warranty? This is a used 2012 I bought last week, I plan to call the dealer tomorrow, but I thought I would run it by the board and see if anybody had any input.


Marc NY
03-28-13, 09:30 PM
Yes it will be covered for your 2012 SRX has a 4 year bumper to bumper warranty. I would call the dealer and make an appointment to have them check it out. They may have to order replacement parts before it can be repaired. BTW: This is a first I have heard of this type of problem.

03-28-13, 09:41 PM
Thanks Marc...hopefully it isn't a big job, I hate the thought of them taking my interior apart!

Cadillac Cust Svc
03-29-13, 06:47 PM
Hello Mike,

I am sorry to hear that the brackets of your sunroof shade are not working appropriately. I would be happy to help assist you throughout this process. You can private message me some of your information if you would like me to take a look into your issues. I would like you to private message your name, address, phone number, VIN #, and current mileage. I can also set up an appointment with the dealer if you would like. Let me know! Thanks and have a great night.


Cadillac Customer Service

03-30-13, 12:09 PM
Thanks Laura, I have someone to work with on this.....

04-22-13, 11:54 PM
I just wanted to provide a quick update on this....it turns out that in order to fix my problem they have to replace the entire shade and the tracks. They ordered the parts and they should be in any day now. My service adviser said he would need the car most of the day. And get this....the cost of the job is $1,190.00....luckily it is covered under warranty! But I just wanted to give everyone a heads up....be careful with your sun shades!

04-23-13, 07:40 AM
Sounds like someone tried to manually open the shade during a test drive and did not know it was electric?

04-23-13, 11:35 AM
Test drives can be a problem if the person test driving or the salesperson get alittle excited about the vehicle, things happen!!!!

08-04-14, 10:36 PM
I just saw this forum. I have a 2010 with the same problem. My warranty is expired and the $1190 repair is too much. I know exactly the part that needs to be replace. Any idea where can I find the part?
I appreaciate your kind support.
Julian Lopera
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08-05-14, 01:10 PM

Because my SRX was under warranty they decided to fix this the right way, by replacing the entire track....they ended up having to remove the sunroof to do it and had my car for over 3 days! My service adviser said that they could have glued the pieces and he felt it would have worked just fine, but nobodyunder warranty would want them to try something like this. I would say there is a very good chance, that if you are willing to settle for a repair that will return the functionality of the sunshade without having to replace everything like new, it would be possible.

It might not even be noticeable and might work for many many years. If I was out of warranty, I would be willing to look at other options before I shelled out $1200 bucks for this repair. I would think these parts would be available, I googled and found this, not sure if this is what you were looking for?


08-05-14, 09:11 PM
I would imagine that since you just got the car the dealer would fix it anyway.