: Inter-Cooler Service/Advice

03-28-13, 01:19 PM
Having just bought a 2011 V coupe I'm keenly aware that it comes with an Inter-Cooler and that proper fluid and level maintenance is VERY IMPORTANT to the life of the motor. I read the Owner's Manual and will buy a fresh jug of Dex-Cool and distilled water to have on hand, and underatand how to check and top it off. But aside from visiual inspection of the tank does the system have a sensor to alert the driver of issues like "LOW COOLANT message in the DIC?

Any other tips or suggestions for a first time V owner.

03-29-13, 10:58 AM
The intercooler (actually, aftercooler) has a pump like you were saying, and that pump is controlled by a relay and powered through a fuse (tied along with a few other things). With that said, there would definately be a check engine light if something went wrong in that circuit, whether it be the blown fuse, high current draw, or no power at all. I could look into the schematics further if you someone wanted to hook in an LED or some indicator to show that the intercooler pump is running. I had that setup on my old car.