: 2014 cts coupe

03-28-13, 10:35 AM
Has anyone seen or heard anything new regarding a new coupe. A V Sport coupe would be a fine new addition. Also, I thought that there was supposed to be an intro of the new ATS Coupe at New York.

03-28-13, 10:58 AM
there are rumors of a coupe ... supposedly confirmed by higher ups at GM that they're planning for it (maybe for the 2015 model year)
there definitely won't be a 2014 CTS coupe or it would have been announced tuesday with the sedan

03-30-13, 07:08 AM
Just returned from NY Auto show. The "buzz" is coupe won't be out till 2015.

04-05-13, 08:44 AM
Well it appears that it's officially unofficial that Cadillac will be building a CTS Coupe. According to GM Inside News,com, Jim Vurillat of Cadillac Product Developement stated Cadillac is "pondering" a CTS Coupe which will most likely be a 2015 model. All of the right cues were in his statement (ones we have been spouting for almost a year) including high sales volume of the CTS coupe, keeping pace with the German competition etc. A couple of photo shops have posted pictures of what they feel the new coupe will look like but frankly I don't think do it justice. The new CTS has a pretty big snout which will have to be calculated into the coupe equation in order to make it symetrical (sic). So at least now we know that it's coming just when and what will it look like are the remaining questions.

06-30-13, 07:54 PM
Just hanging out reading old CTS coupe posts and thought I'd add another observation. I've seen a number of Camaros lately and had the horrible thought that because the new CTS and the Camaro are on the same chassis that the new CTS coupe will be a Camaro clone with a CTS front clip. Ugh!!!

07-04-13, 10:49 AM
The current CTS coupe will be continued this year. See the Cadillac website: http://www.cadillac.com/2014-vehicle-lineup.html

07-04-13, 05:24 PM
And to also add, it does not appear that the 2014 CTS sedan design will be carried over into a coupe or wagon model even into 2015. They are going to focus on an ATS coupe and the ELR coupe. The article also makes good points about the wagon for those interested. It's a small seller and I understand Cadillac economically not wanting to stick with it. I'd imagine that if Mercedes can only sell 1700 wagons per year, they're just taking a loss so that they can sell their other cars. Besides for Mercedes, wagons sell well in Europe and Cadillac wagons just don't.