: building an intake?

Stevo Supremo
03-27-13, 07:37 PM
Scroll to the bottom lol, not gonna make one myself, getting one professionally made :)

03-27-13, 08:31 PM
Where are you located? We do any custom fabricating and looking for a ATS to design one.

Stevo Supremo
03-27-13, 08:34 PM
Where are you located? We do any custom fabricating and looking for a ATS to design one.

damn too bad you're so far from me or I'd be at your shop tomorrow haha! I'm Ontario Canada lol.

03-27-13, 09:49 PM
make sure you got the MAF mounted on a part of tubing that has the exact same inner diameter as the OEM one or it'll mess up your AFR.

good luck!


Stevo Supremo
03-28-13, 04:56 PM
I've actually gotten in contact with a race shop here (powel race shop). They've also built intakes for CTS-v's solstice', sky's cobalt turbo's and everyone whos had one made by them had AWESOME things to say. Plus they've built racing corvettes/cadillacs so I trust 'em :yup:

I'm going to his shop in the next few days to develop and build an intake, charge pipes and a DP :) should be fun!

03-28-13, 05:50 PM
Sounds like your in good hands!


03-29-13, 12:45 PM
Pictures when your done please! :)

Stevo Supremo
03-30-13, 04:46 PM
Well I went to the raceshop today!! getting my intake dimensions measured, he's gonna contact me in a few days :) but he thinks he can get something together. John Powell is an awesome guy and really knows his stuff. I'm glad theres someone that close to me who can do things like this with cars.

But anyways here we are getting the intake dimensions measured. the airbox pops right out and theres actually no sound baffling in there.


I'm also getting custom performance springs made, YYZ springs, 2" or so drop but still retain travel, getting a downpipe made as well and hopefully an electric cutout.

..oh and just for fun.. heres some of the awesome corvette racecars in his shop

03-30-13, 06:35 PM
Cool! Any good fabricator can do this. Here is what we made for a prototype for the LY7 CTS:


Stevo Supremo
03-30-13, 06:58 PM
That looks awesome! I cant wait to get mine together :) He's going to be making a fiberglass housing based off the stock airbox base with the filter sitting in it then covering it with a lexan cover.

But yeah we're gonna be looking into DP (with electric cut out possibly), different springs and yes, the intake.

03-30-13, 11:30 PM
Its already a cold air intake and with the lack of baffles... what will a custom made intake do/improve???

the choke points are the tubes going into and out of the turbo, as well as the tubes connecting the intercooler to the intake manifold...

03-31-13, 09:24 AM
A downpipe with a high flow element and a tune will yield performance results. The high performance
Element will deliver the swoosh sound.

Hoosier Daddy
03-31-13, 09:47 AM

what will a custom made intake do/improve???

And answered:

The high performance Element will deliver the swoosh sound.

Stevo Supremo
03-31-13, 09:57 AM
yeah the down pipe will be for the performance element.

I'm mainly getting the intake for the cool sound it gives the car (I seriously love the sound of an aftermarket intake lol) but after i get the car tuned to optimize the intake then it will actually give a good performance bump having it there.

The factory airbox doesn't really scoop deep into the fender area, go pop yours off and have a look. Its just a little piece of pipe(no longer than 6") that points to the grill. We actually found water spots under the air filter, so water is getting in there lol.

But anyways, hes gonna make a box from fiberglass that looks like the factory lower box portion, and also mould a fiberglass tube going down into the fender to scoop up cold air and bring it into the chamber that will house the cone filter.

But again, I'm mainly getting this done for the cool sound it gives the engine, I know it only gets ya maybe 2-5HP, but the deeper sound it gives and being able to hear the BPV is just something I gotta have lol