: Gauges on a '75 DeVille

03-27-13, 02:03 PM
I'm a little bit stumped. I'm trying to install some gauges. I have a cheap Sunpro set with tach, water temp, oil pressure and volts. Tach and volts I get - no problem. Water temp, it seems the temp sensor on this engine is completely inaccessible behind/under the a/c compressor. Iím not removing that. So I'm thinking of removing the thermal vacuum sensor which I have bypassed. It looks like I need to remove the distributor to get to it. Does that sound like a good idea? To remove the distributor (which I have never done) do I just remove the hold-down and pull it straight out being careful to mark its location and put it back in and recheck the timing? Is there another plug I can remove for water temp that is easier to get at?

As for oil pressure, the oil pressure sensor on this engine is also connected to the electric choke, the downshift switch and the backup lamp/seatbelt warning sensor. Does anyone know if those are just pass through connections or am I going to have a problem removing that sensor. If so, is there another place to put an oil pressure sender? I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.

04-11-13, 10:18 AM
I got it figured out. It takes special sockets to remove the oil pressure sender and thermal vacuum switch. One you have those its no problem but almost impossible without. I'll put a picture of my gauge panel on the RWD section.