: Rear Window Defroster

03-26-13, 05:46 PM
Is it normal for the rear window defroster to come on automatically when starting the car in termperatures under 32 degrees? I first noticed this when using the remote start; however, I just noticed that it also comes on if starting the car normally. I previously had a Yukon with automatic temperature control and factory remote start. I also have Vette with it as well. Both vehicles will alert me to the possibility of ice if the temperature is low enough, but neither of them will automatically activate the rear window defroster. Also, is it normal for the dash and CUE to "wake up" if you're just sitting in the car? I noticed this recently when I got in the car in my garage to wipe off the display. I was surprised by this since I didn't have the key fob with me.

03-26-13, 07:34 PM
Check under your settings on CUE. I seem to recall an option for having it come on automatically (same true for the front windshield).:cool2:

02-17-16, 06:28 AM
Mine doesn't come on even though it is below 30 degree and defrost checked.