: 1986 Fleetwood FWD in dash GPS installation

03-26-13, 01:40 PM
Has anyone installed an aftermarket head unit (GPS, AM/FM, DVD player) in this model? Sure would like some tips and suggestions. I checked out the Crutchfield site and none of the units they sell are marked as "fit this model".


03-27-13, 01:14 PM
I am currently installing a Kenwood KOS-V1000 with a KOS-l702 monitor. The trouble with your year Deville is it uses a "1.5 Din" radio used in only earlier year GM's and some Chrysler's. It is also a short depth radio. Any radio that has a CD or DVD drive will be too long to sit in the dash without sticking out the front. This is even true with the Factory CD players that GM made for this radio format.
The Kenwood KOS system and the Alpine VPA system both use a separate touch screen video monitor with a remote receiver. You can add CD,DVD players, Satellite receivers, Digital FM receivers and much more. It is built on a component system adding just what you need. (Bluetooth is also available as a module)

The monitor will fit into the dash without any visible modifications. You will just need to make a pair of fillers to go on each side of the monitor to fill up the extra space. I am using 2 pieces of wood which i am trying to finish to match the rest of the wood. I am also mounting the jack for the USB Thumb Drive stick for my recorded music in the right wood trim piece.

These where expensive systems when they where new but are now discontinued and showing up on eBay at reasonable prices. I have sourced 2 complete systems for very reasonable prices. (One of them all NOS the other mostly NOS).

My parts list:

KOS-V1000 Receiver
KOS-L702 Touch Screen Monitor
KNA-G510 Navigation Module
KCA-BT300 Bluetooth Module
KTC-SR902 Sirius Receiver (Got this one with Lifetime Subscription)
I have not yet decided on speakers but am partial to the Kenwood factory replacements.

I do not have any CD or DVD players as i use the satellite and USB drives for my music and do not believe in Video in a car. (personal preference)
I also do not plan to use any external amps as the KOS-V1000 has a decent one built in. It is however set up with regular line out and sub woofer line outs for interface with any aftermarket amps. It is specifically made for the Kenwood Excelon series of amps. (I am just over the big amp days of my youth)

Good luck and i will post pictures when i am finished. (may be a while though as i have other projects that are taking preference at the moment)