: Tuning

03-26-13, 02:30 AM
So what companies are jumping on the tuning opportunities for the new tt cts?

04-12-13, 01:18 PM
I bet Hennessey is chomping at the bit!

Dr. Design
10-28-13, 11:03 PM
We have already begun analyzing the OEM calibration file. Looks promising!

Thank you,

Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac

11-01-13, 04:27 PM
Hi all, first post, but long time lurker. We recently tested the CTS and XTS Vsports for Edmunds.com and provided the tune files to EFILive, so everything on the E92 ECU is mostly decoded and ready to go. Pretty excited by the opportunities this engine presents. The stock calibration is very restricted, so just uncorking it should result in major power gains.


Dyno results are Dynapack, so they will read higher than Dynojet, but note the comparison between a CTS-V 6AT vs. the CTS Vsport 8AT. That should be representative of the differences.

If the next CTS-V has the kind of potential the Vsport has, I may have to trade in my 2010 CTS-V sedan.

I think with exhaust, tuning, maybe an intercooler upgrade we'll see at least 100 lbs-ft of torque and 60-80 hp no problem. Downpipes and cat deletes would probably help, but I'm just an ECU guy, the hardware guys will have to figure out how hard that will be to achieve. I know on the BMW twin turbo V8s downpipes are a lot more difficult with the central turbo location.

Shawn Church

11-24-13, 03:19 PM
We have been using HP tuners software for our ATS 2.0 turbo. So far we have gained 100 hp with just catback exhaust and intake we built! HP tuners is user friendly, and works great! Anything from a car with bolt ons, to a car that's fully built! We have 2014 CTS 2.0 turbo we are working on now, and will also be building parts for the Vsport.

Our ATS ran 14.40 at 93-94mph in stock trim, after we installed our intake, evacuation can, catback exhaust and HP tuners, we ran a best of 13.1@106 mph. Our ATS is a automatic and AWD model! Once we get the downpipe on the car I'm sure we will see more gains and 12sec times! Very impressive for little modifications! Very exciting car to drive, cadillac has definitely taken a huge step in the right direction with there new cars!!

12-28-13, 12:43 PM
Looking forward to more development and stuff for sale. This car has tons of potential.

08-10-14, 03:57 AM
Any tunes for the 3.6 liter 2014 AWD CTS available?

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