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03-25-13, 11:56 PM
Hi everyone,

I've been treading around this form for awhile, and I find myself needing some help. I recently purchased a 2007 Cadillac DTS Luxury 2 model after I turned in my 08 DTS. Absolutely love the car. A few weeks back my drive and passenger heated seats quit working, the lights come on but no heat or cool. Also, around the same time my "service parking assist" & "parking assist disabled" message have come up. These messages go on and off, I attributed it to the snow and salt being on the sensors and just kept hitting the car wash but had the message today when the car was spotless :cookoo:. I'm assuming this issues are related. I've read about bad grounds under the seat causing these problems.

I'm just looking for a little more info. Not sure what seat to look under or what module to look for. Plus I'm not the handiest, but I could easily crimp new connectors if needed. Any help is appreciated.



03-26-13, 12:11 AM
I had an '06 Lux III a while back, it had a few "oddities" seemingly unrelated items acting up, and disconnecting the battery
for a few minutes would "cure" it. Also I will say that I have seen many threads here talk about a plug under the driver seat burning or melting.
You know, there are so many switches, and gizmos these days that it's a wonder our cars will run at all :-)

03-26-13, 07:37 AM
These cars are so wonderful but they are really just a huge computer on wheels!

04-07-13, 11:02 PM

There are so many sensors and wires that its crazy, but that's what makes it a Cadillac right! Still haven't had time to look at the darn things, works been crazy but Ill ,keep everyone updated.

04-07-13, 11:36 PM
Just a quick thought, '07 model, have you replaced your battery. It could be failing???

04-17-13, 10:35 PM
The weather around here's been crazy. Still trying to take a look under the seats when I can. I though about the battery so I removed the rear seat, check all the fuses with no luck. Looks like the car has a brand new battery, so thats good I guess.

10-04-13, 11:18 PM
Finally got around to fixing it, here's a lengthily write up for you guys.

Hello Everyone,

Just thought I’d do a write up on how to repair the heated/cooled seats since I had so much trouble with them. It started out with the heat and cooled seats in the front not working, both passenger and driver. The lights would light up showing their operating, but nothing. So after reading some info on the forum, I decided to tackle the project with my buddy. I have a 2007 DTS Luxury 2 model, not sure if this works for all years.

First of you will need someone’s help to do this. You will also need part number 15326110, its $6 from the dealer and mine has 20+ in stock. Secondly you will need part number 15304711. These are the pins that insert into the connector. The guy at the parts counter asked me if I was doing a heated seat repair on a Cadillac. I told him yes, and he gave me 3 of the connectors, said I would probably need them and very glad I took them because I needed 1.

The module you are looking for is under the passenger seat at the front sort of hidden up in the mechanism. You will need to remove the seat. Move the seat forward all the way, from the backseat remove the trim at the bottom of the seat rails and remove the 2 torques head bolts (there very tight). From the back seat, move the headrest all the way up. Looking from the backseat, there is a small hole on the lower trim of the left post of the headrest, take a very small screwdriver and push it in as you pull up on the headrest, and the headrest will pop out. This makes getting the seat out a lot easier. Now move the seat all the way back, all the way up in the air, and the backrest all the way back. Remove the trim from the front 2 rails. From the backseat, tilt the seat forward and pick it up. Its kind of tricky but it locks in the floor in the front. Once you have the seat unhooked, there is 2 connectors you will need to unhook from the front of the seat. Once your unhooked, turn the seat on its side and pull it out of the car, front of the seat out the passenger side first and pull the seatbelt with it, you cannot unhook the seatbelt. Lay the seat on its back on a blanket next to the car.

Look for the module, its right at the front of the seat, buried in there, you will see the connector and the burnt black wire. Most likely you will have to remove the module since the connector/harness is melted to the module. Remove the 2 10mm screws and the 2 smaller harnesses by pulling up on the blue part with pliers. Fish the module with the harness out of the seat. My harness was very melted and I had to pry it apart from module, take your time! Once you remove the harness you will see how melted it is. STOP!!! The next part took a lot of time and patience, make SURE you draw a diagram of how the wires go and were they go with their color codes. I also took a few pics just to be safe. I had to cut my harness with dykes for 30 min careful not to clip a wire. Once you have all wires out, inspect the connectors, my black wire needed to be replaced. Using your diagram, set up the new connector and make sure you slide the lock in place, had my buddy do mine, I’m not great with them things lol. Then re run the wires and put everything back together.

I know it’s a long post, figured it would help someone out like me who was afraid to tackle the problem. Any questions, you can P.M. me.

10-05-13, 11:14 PM
Just looked under my seat and found the melted connector too. Why isn't there a recall on this? isn't it a fire hazard? Maybe a class action suit? More than just the DTS/Lucerne are affected I'm sure. There's obviously too much resistance or current for the connector for it to produce so much heat that it melts! What's to keep it from melting again once it's replaced? Does the new connector "fix" it for good?
Everyone who has had this problem, go here

Pass it on, send it to Lucerne owners, as well as any other GM vehicle owner with this same setup. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

04-01-14, 08:06 PM
I had the exact same problem with my 2007 DTS Lux 2. I couldn't find time to repair it myself so I took it to Suttle Motors in Newport News. Handed them your post to speed the troubleshooting. They replaced the module and the heated seats are working again, but the parking sensors are now totally useless. They did work intermittently before I took the vehicle in for the repair, so I figure the connection that powers the sensors was not totally melted. When I picked-up the vehicle, they said the front sensors were working, but the back were not working and that one or more of the rear sensors in the bumper is likely bad; they estimated another $952 if I wanted to have then repair it . I didn't agree with that assessment based on the earlier symptoms. I figure the tech made a mistake in wiring the replacement module, or cut a wire by accident, which would explain why the sensors (both front and rear) do not work. On the way home while I was testing the heated seats I could smell the connector burning again. I was curious if your repair has lasted, and if your parking sensors are still working.

04-14-16, 10:10 AM
No dealer seems to have the 15304711 wire-harness connector terminals and Mouser doesn't seem to have any either (11 week wait or some nonsense). I was going to buy them. Do you know where I can get some? Are they under any other part numbers?

--Scratch that, I believe I have located some.