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03-25-13, 11:21 AM
My son is returning from Afghanistan in a couple of weeks and has found an 06 CTS-V he wants to buy. He asked me to test drive the car for him, which I did this past weekend. (I've tested two others for him as well). I'm really turned off by the shifter -- I'm a small little lady, but jeez, it felt like I was shifting a Mack truck! The gears seem really far away from each other, is this normal? Also, it was pretty difficult shifting into first gear in two of the 3 I tested -- I had to actually apply force - is that normal for cts-v, or does this indicate a problem with transmission?

I'm just hoping to read up on this to educate myself so I discuss with my son. He doesn't have internet access right now in A'stan.

Any help on how to search and/or advice on the shifting issue is appreciated.

Tommie Lynn

03-25-13, 02:16 PM
I know I am of no help, but I love your first name. Mainly because my girl friend's is the same, but she spells it with two e's at the end.

Tell your son thank you though.


03-25-13, 05:44 PM
I moved this to the proper CTS-V forum - those guys can give you straight info.

03-25-13, 06:09 PM
I modify stock shifters into short shifters that take up most of the long stroke (35% reduction) and side to side play. The difficulty you had getting into 1st gear on two of them was most likely due to old/low clutch fluid. It is very typical. The slave cylinders in the V's are very sensitive to the condition of the fluid.

You can do a search on this V forum for short shifters, I can never get too many good results that way though. Here are a couple links to reviews and/or comment about my shifters.




03-25-13, 06:52 PM
I agree with Brian (PISNUOFF). I installed his shifter after having the factory shifter and the difference is amazing. Install took about an hour on my own...very easy if you can work a wrench.

Tommie, if you are near Nashville, I can help with the install.

03-25-13, 11:19 PM
Where are you located. Maybe someone can help you look over a car? Either way i would go with pisnuoff shifter. Good guy with a great product.

Cadillac Cust Svc
03-26-13, 09:33 AM
Welcome, Tommie! I'm pleased to see forum members already chiming in to assist, and Customer Service is available via private message on this forum if you would ever like further assistance.


Cadillac Customer Service