View Full Version : What year/model did 3 point seatbelts get introduced?

03-25-13, 09:03 AM
I searched around a bit and looked at various interior images, but can't pin down a year.

When did the 3 point seat belts get introduced, and what model/models had them?

I assume it was in the late 70's?


03-25-13, 09:50 AM
In 1968, GM started putting shoulder belts into their cars. These would attach to a separate connector, however, so they weren't quite "3 point" seat belts. In 1974, they changed the design to where it was a 3 point system, that it would extend from the floor, and from the roof of the car. However, for convertibles, they only came with a lap seat belt. Also, if you got the airbag system from '74-'76, that also only comes with a lap belt system. I suppose the mindset was that the airbag would protect you, so you wouldn't need the shoulder belt. For all these years, up until the early '90's, the cars all had lap belts in the back (although there was an option for a shoulder belt).

According to here: http://automotivemileposts.com/eldorado/eldo1976optionalequipment.html
It does appear that shoulder belts were an option on the convertibles.

03-25-13, 11:04 AM
Excellent, thanks for the info!