: Low beams useless on 2010

03-25-13, 06:26 AM
I have read some threads about people that changed their low beam bulbs. I have had mine for about 6 months now, but rarely drive at night. This weekend I did, and again saw that the low beams were quite dim. After going from the brights to the low beams, it is almost like you turned the lights off. Also, driving into on coming traffic with the high beams on, no one flashed at me.
Shining them on a wall about 10 feet from the car, the right low was off to the right and high a bit. But the high beams were the same height as the left low beam, and I expected them to be higher. When I take it in for service I will have them check this, but does anyone have an idea if this is just a characteristic of this car, and if so, what will fix it?

03-30-13, 08:10 AM
Come on guys. Someone has to know about this.

03-30-13, 10:42 AM
Please use the search function. This topic has been discussed in detail.

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