: 04 escalade wheel center caps

Missouri River Rat
03-24-13, 09:00 PM
Wondering of anyone out there has some center caps for the stock wheels on an 04 escalade? I'm assuming the original ones got swiped off it and the previous owner put some cheep knock off ones on because its not even a real Cadillac symbol and the fake chrome is peeling off.

03-24-13, 09:06 PM
you can spend $45/piece on one's with the logo...or go with "knockoffs" for about $50-60 for the set...up to you. That being said, there's no lock on them...so they could disappear again. The dealership I bought mine from had them swiped...i found a set of knockoffs on CL for $60 delivered.

Mark Edward Morrison
03-24-13, 09:58 PM
I bought some on eBay that have the emblem on the center cap in color that matches the crest on the grill. They look REALY good and I think I paid around $60.00 for them. Also ordered some valve caps that have a little Allen wrench on them so they won't be stolen, they have the crest in color as well! Look really good on eBay as well.