: 1995 fleetwood brougham radio install gone frustrating need help

03-24-13, 03:18 PM
Hello all i have a 1995 fleetwood brougham and i am very discouraged and frustrated right now i would love to install an aftermarket radio in my car without having to bypass the amp because i would actually like the sound of the amp if anyone in here has ever hooked a radio up and used the factory amp if i could get some info and some guidance that would be great thanks guys

03-24-13, 03:24 PM
its very easy but confusing at first there is a harness the plugs into the amp in the trunk, you must get wire long enough to go from the amp in the trunk, and hidden under the carpet and up to the dash where the aftermarket radio is.

power, ground, remote 12v and 4 runs of speaker wire.

its just like any other install you just have a 20 foot harness instead a 6 inches


o and you also need the extra long antenna cable thats about 20 foot long also, if you listen to am/fm radio

03-24-13, 03:38 PM
ok i see what you are saying now just splice it into the harness at the trunk instead of trying to hook it up in the dash most of that is already ran besides the power ground and 12v so that does make a little more sense

03-24-13, 05:52 PM
no, see its a lil confusing...the factory radio wont do anything without the amp in the trunk

when you remove the factory radio the wires plugged into the back of it are useless to an aftermarket radio, act like they are not there when installing an aftermarket radio.

get a red, black and yellow wire and 4 pieces of speaker wire, and the long antenna, connect them to the aftermarket radio harness and run them through the dash, down the passenger side of the car under the carpet. run it all the way to the amp in the trunk.

now, go purchase the fleetwood aftermarket radio harness for roughly $7 connect your wires to that harness

unplug the wire harness in the factory amp and push to the side, plug in your fresh new harness, plug the antenna in and your done