View Full Version : 10 minutes you won't regret...

03-23-13, 05:02 PM
2009 CTS-V powered '68 Camaro http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=p0asSuSBNO0

My brother shared this with me today. He intro'd the share by asking me what it would take to do this to my car. He prefers the V1 body style. It's a pipe dream for now, but wow, am I envious (not dangerously, yet.). I'm not saying it would be cheap or easy or that this is the best route to HP, so don't flame about it. I'm just saying it could be awesome and this is what dreams are made of. Enjoy!

03-23-13, 08:41 PM
I saw this last week, definitely the way to go imo.