: 03 Deville DTS parts

03-23-13, 05:00 PM

Can I have a quote for the following:

4t80e torque converter
TCC solenoid
OEM or recommended Plugs
oil filter
left and right REAR window regulators w/o motors
the EVAP line? that goes from the intake plenum to the left (rear) valve cover...having problems finding this on a diagram for a better description


zip 29687

03-25-13, 09:36 AM

Sounds #506 - the PCV dirty air tube (the other PCV tube to the other valve cover is the clean air side)

is that the one you're looking for?

03-25-13, 11:23 AM
I "believe" so...let me double check it tonight when I get home. Thanks, Rob

03-25-13, 12:30 PM

also, the rear window regulators will come with motors
there is a set of ACDelco regulators without the motors
i cannot say for sure if they are any good because we haven't sold them before
the local/regional ACDelco supplier with warehouses across the state doesn't even stock them
if you want to go with them that's up to you but i would recommend the full oem assemblies

03-25-13, 10:43 PM
Yes it is 506, the rubber broke on the plenum side of that tube.
If you can give me an idea on the price for the regulators w/motors that would be nice but I'm pretty sure that they will be out of my budget for this round. Just so sick of replacing them annually.
TCC is not needed now either...will be included with the rebuilt trans.

Oil filter
#506- dirty air tube
Torque converter


03-26-13, 09:16 AM

Here's a list for you - the first price is list price, second price is your cost
Oil Filter (PF61E) #19210285 $8.56 $5.35
Spark Plugs #12571535 $10.06 $6.29 (x8)
PCV Tube (dirty) #12573068 $15.94 $9.96
Torque Converter #24209250 $551.98 $393.29

And here's the info on the window motors
LH RR Wdo Reg w/o Motor #19297460 $139.21 $87.01
RH RR Wdo Reg w/o Motor #19297461 $139.21 $87.01
LH OEM RR Wdo Reg w/ Motor #19244838 $260.56 $162.85
RH OEM RR Wdo Reg w/ Motor #19244837 $260.56 $162.85

I have the OEM window regulators in stock as well as the oil filter, spark plugs, and the dirty air pcv tube
the torque converter and the ACDelco regulators would have to be ordered in from GM which will take about 4 days (usually)

Let me know if you've got any questions.