: 97 STS Rear Speakers from factoty HU

01-07-05, 12:26 AM
I just finsished adding a system to my 97 STS. I kept the factory HU and added new 6X9s in the rear, 2 10s and 2 amps, one for the subs and one for the 6X9s. I ran a line converter off the rear speaker leads.

My question is, did the Head unit in the 97 only allow a midrange signal to go to the rear? I used Sony speakers which I have used with this amp in a previous vehicle, but the sound is not near as clear. My fronts sound great, but it almost seems like they had filtered this system somehow to get the clarity in the front and the midrange in the rear.

My other thought is that is has to do with the way they hang under the back deck, surrounded by carpet and plastic. In which case I imagine that there is only so much that I can do with them if the sound is being absorbed.

I know that the gains and wiring are correct, it just seems that I am not getting a clear signal from the get go out of the rear of the head unit.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.