: 1998 Catera Cranks, not firing, no fuel pressure.

03-23-13, 04:28 PM
New to me 1998 Catera w/ 60,000 miles. Turns over, will not start. So far I have:
Replaced crank sensor
Replaced spark plugs
Replaced valve cover gaskets
New battery
New (used) ECM (popped cover on original and there were three burnt resistors)
New vacuum fittings various to replace leaks

I have checked all fuses and relays
Checked coil pack statically and seemed good.
Checked Spark Plug wires statically and seemed good.
I can bypass fuel pump relay and get more than 50 psi
No spark
No Fuel unless I bypass relay, no clicking of injectors
Compression seems good (my tool will not fit all the way down through the valve cover, however blows a screwdriver handle off the spark plug seat very well.

I have done the 30 minutes on with key, off with key, repeat 3 times.
Same symptoms

Everything electrical works. Just can't get spark or fuel due to ???

I am pretty much at a stand still, The ECM does not seem to be "triggering" the fuel pump relay.
Any help will be appreciated.


One more thing I forgot, the Engine Control Power Relay is energizing.

03-23-13, 06:55 PM
Just a guess, if ECM replaced then have to reprogram it at the dealership or maybe bad fuel pump.