: Greetings, coolant leak question???

126,000 Mile V
03-22-13, 04:44 PM
126, 000 blissful relatively problem free miles on my 06. Noticed coolant under passenger side front end. Seems to be coming from thermostat area. What do you guys think? Will try to post pics

126,000 Mile V
03-22-13, 04:53 PM
Going to sell her. She was relaced by a 2012 300 SRT8, tricoat white with red/black interior


Fluid in the picture is from washing the car, not actual leak

03-25-13, 06:16 PM
Check the water pump

126,000 Mile V
03-25-13, 08:23 PM
Thats what I figured. What should I expect to pay parts and labor. I think I will give Luke a call and see what he can do.
thank for the input bjazz

03-25-13, 08:31 PM
I show GM part number 89017592 with an MSRP of $361.66. They are available from online suppliers for about half that. The standard labor allowance to remove and replace is 3.4 hours.

03-25-13, 08:59 PM
If its not that, rad is a common failure.

Replacement fail.

126,000 Mile V
03-26-13, 09:27 PM
Thanks for the info gentlemen.

OneFast V
03-27-13, 02:12 PM
I just replaced my water pump. at 117K the sealed were very worn and the thermostat seal was pretty bad as well. I would buy the Gates water pump and a thermostat off of rock auto. It is significantly cheaper than the AC Delco and comes with a lifetime warranty. Also check your radiator for leaks while you are at it.