: Holy Crap!!

03-21-13, 11:09 PM
I have clean tips!! I knew I was running rich because the black tips but the scanner was showing ok. The bad cats were really effecting the readings. She feels like a different car now. The biggest difference I feel is mid range is much stronger now but I haven't had the opportunity to really push her. I am also seeing higher airflow readings up top so the cats must have been pretty clogged.

03-22-13, 11:36 PM
Huh, I would not have expected that. How much extra air are you seeing with new cats?

03-23-13, 12:42 AM
Before I only saw .84 g/cyl. and now I have seen .92 on a brief burst and have not done a full out WOT run. I can feel the difference. I'll need to do a full run and look at the log. The biggest moment was I was trying to get through a yellow light and damn near turned her sideways. I regained composure and hit it again and the the damn thing has NEVER responded like that before.