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03-21-13, 12:42 PM
I need to replace the sensor. Was trying to figure out where it is before i go do it. Can someone let me know where it is located? A picture would be great. I forgot to look at the diagram when i went to go buy one. I did a search and didn't see anyone say where it was. I did find pictures but of just the tools that are required.

Thanks for any help.

03-21-13, 01:09 PM
See attached.

03-21-13, 01:21 PM
thank you sir.

03-21-13, 05:07 PM
Really easy to do with the specific socket. Did it a couple of weekends ago in about 10 minutes.

03-21-13, 08:22 PM
Thanks guys. Got the job done in 15 min.

03-21-13, 09:39 PM
Darkman, you wouldn't happen to have a part number would you?

acaringnihilist, by specific socket do you mean one made especially for this task?

03-21-13, 10:24 PM
I show GM part number 12573107.

03-21-13, 11:57 PM
The part number on my invoice is 12616646. Description of GM19 sensor. List was $86.24. Price I paid was $73.30 + tax. I got it a a Chevy dealer. They always have better prices than the cadillac dealer.

I think he meant that size socket. Not one made for this sensor. I ended up using a 1-1/16 deep well socket. Not that different in size from in the PDF file.

03-22-13, 10:26 PM
Great , thanks. I too go to a Chevy dealer for my parts!