View Full Version : door panel clips

03-20-13, 06:13 PM
have a drivers side lock clyinder that needs to come out and get serviced, feels like a broken off key or internal hanging up, sooo i pulled panel off to get a feel for the removal and one of the door panel clips, large square plastic catches that drop into door, fell out after i pulled panel away...... can they be purchased ??if it wasnt right at the door handle i wouldnt be concerned as much but SOME people really pull on door handles...

03-21-13, 08:27 AM
Try the dealership

the cadillac man
03-21-13, 11:21 AM
Pm Chris

At rippyspartsdept and ask him(you will need your vin)

03-21-13, 05:26 PM
went to dealer today, they informed me these clips/retainers only come with the panel.. so i got some 2 part plastic glue,fixed 'er up and hopefully this will last until i have to get another panel....