: FM Radio Problems

03-18-13, 10:10 PM
Stations that do not broadcast an HD signal are frequently distorted. Stations with HD sound great once they switch to HD but before they switch to HD they are sometimes distorted. Once the radio switches to HD, it sounds great and never loses the signal. One of the stations that is analog only, KSTP FM in Minneapolis is 100,000 watts, and I'm only 16 miles from the transmitter in Shoreview, MN so I know it's not that the signal is weak. Anyone else have this problem? I drive an XTS.

03-20-13, 12:20 AM
Yes...I have experienced this on my ATS as well.

03-20-13, 11:22 PM
So the problem stopped occuring for me after 1 day. KSTP FM Sounds great as usual.