: Interior Trim

03-18-13, 07:33 PM
I would like to route a wire from my rearview mirror down the left side of the windshield and underneath my dash. Does anyone have any insight on removing the trim pieces? I really don't want to start prying without some advanced knowledge on how they are fastened. Any ideas or assembly drawings?

03-18-13, 09:37 PM
I routed a wire much like you describe by pushing it between the glass and headliner then down the side of the windshield. The wire is then hidden behind the door gasket and comes out near the ODB connector under the dash. The only part that is visible is at the base of the A-pillar. The wire is flat and black so it blends in with the dash covering material.

03-18-13, 09:47 PM
There seemed to be enough room to do that for the headliner but might be kinda snug on the A-Pillar. But I'll try and push it in, Thanks!