: Courtesy lights wont come on......

03-18-13, 12:03 PM
Hello Everyone. Im new to the forum and just had a question for any of our electrians out there. I installed a Pioneer deck into my 69 Deville Sedan. After installation my Enigne Temp light comes on when i open the doors, glove box or trunk. Took it back to the man who installed it and had him check through it again. He couldnt find the problem. He told me to come back Thrusday and he would take a longer look.Would love some help. Thanks:bouncy:

03-18-13, 03:26 PM
Welcome ...!

SOunds like the guy who installed it may have tapped into an existing
circuit (or 2) to get 12V to your Pioneer.

Most aftermarket stereos now have two 12V feed requirements ....
One IGN/ACC source to power the unit & one for memory usually BATT.
Depending on the unit there may also be 12V signal to an external AMP to turn it on.

Sounds like your man has managed to "back feed" at least two circuits in your Cadillac;
1.) to the Instrumentation 12V IGN side
2.) BATT side that feeds interior lighting

Get the instruction book it came with and ID the power leads; then get under there and trace down where they were terminated .

The fact that he "couldn't find the problem" translates to "I don't know what to do" ...! In the meantime
look in your Owners Manual and find out exactly where each of the affected circuits is fused at the panel.
This will lead you closer to the problem wiring.

03-19-13, 02:29 PM
I'd suggest taking it to someone who knows better what they are doing, no offense to him.

03-19-13, 07:31 PM
Thanks guys! Now when i turn on the heat the ac comes on. SMH. Should i take it back to this guy or take it to a better company? After all he just worked on it and if he can find the problem great! I will just never take it back to him after that. Could a current Cadillac Dealership help? Finding it hard to find a true Classic Car Mechanic. I live in North Carolina to add to the frustration.

03-20-13, 12:22 AM
Most dealers won't work on cars of are age let alone have parts. Yes a good mechanic is hard to find. I wouldn't take it back to him sometimes you give people second chances sometimes you don't. You said he couldn't find the problem. You be safe with getting a diagram and giving it a try yourself.

03-20-13, 01:53 PM
Hello! well we found that there had been an alarm placed in the car by the previous owner. It was shorting out the system. we will snatch the alarm out on Friday and fix the problem. heat turns on the ac unit, was me not having coolant in the tank duuuuuh lol. thanks for all your help guys. I will place some pics up of my 69 Cadillac Deville soon!