: n.star water pump removal & install how-to

01-06-05, 10:52 AM
i've done plenty of other cars just not a n* caddy 94 seville sls.i don't want to remove anything i don't have to. any help on this? i thank you in advance. :confused:

01-06-05, 11:46 AM
You need the special water pump socket to make the job easier, and remember that to remove the pump it turns CLOCKWISE.

Charles :greendude

01-06-05, 03:39 PM
Just remove the intake duct. Then you can get at the front cover bolts. As Charles mentioned, clockwise to remove and counter clockwise to install but I think it only requires about 1/8 - 1/4 turn. Here is a picture of the special socket needed to remove and install it. This it one I made to give you an idea of what it looks like. You can get cheap stamped steel one from "Lysle" for about $15 - $20 or a good beefy machined one from Snap-on for about $75. http://www.geocities.com/grandolfo/

01-07-05, 09:28 AM
thanks alot you guys really helped me,i thought i was harder than than,or more to it :)

01-07-05, 09:45 AM
where can i get the tool from?napa,auto zone?

01-07-05, 03:01 PM
I know that AutoZone, Pep Boys, and Murray's all had loaner tools available for a small deposit. Use it to remove and install the pump core, return it, and get your $10-$20 back. I don't know if Napa carries loaners or not.

01-07-05, 03:07 PM
Napa doesnt do loaners... As far as I know.....