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Blk N Blwn
03-15-13, 10:39 PM
So I recently purchased a DiabloSport Trinity part number T1000 for tuning my SC Challenger. Was reading more about this Trinity and learned it already has tunes loaded for 09 - 12 CTSV including a 70hp/100 ft lbs tune to support max 15psi boost. Anyone have any experience with this setup?

03-15-13, 10:49 PM
I have a 9.55" lower pulley and the Trinity tune. I just dyno'd and the AFR was bang on. I had poor gas so i was getting a lot of KR and I maxed my injectors out at 6100 rpm. The Trinity tune is based on Litigator's with a 9.55" lower.

03-16-13, 11:13 AM
^ +1!

03-16-13, 11:34 AM
I also had the pulley tune installed on my 09 V with a 2.5 upper and it felt good and was right on with the A/F also and seemed to drive pretty well. I then decided to go the route of getting a custom tune and sell the trinity and man what a difference that made car feels like a whole new animal shifts a lot better and tuner fine tuned everything also was able to pick up an additional 34WHP!!! Yes I said 34 over the trinity pulley tune. Torque stayed about the same though. I would recommend getting a custom tune no hand held can compare to it.

03-16-13, 04:40 PM
^ No shit. Of course you need a CMR tune. Always. Especially with mods.

03-16-13, 07:57 PM
I found this thread on the DiabloSport site, it says there Trinity tuning product is warranty safe.... Is this really true??


Blk N Blwn
03-16-13, 10:41 PM
Thanks for the feedback. I bought the Trinity for my Challenger so the free tunes I get for the V is just a bonus. $140 pulley and I get 70hp and 11 sec time slips. Seems like a sweet deal. 9.55 pulley on order.

03-21-13, 07:17 PM
I bought a trinity from Lew @ (diablo.help@gmail.com) which includes a custom tune from him and one yr worth of changes so if you add mods it will be updated free. You just have to run data logs for you car, send to him and he makes adjustments. Check it out. I like what he did.

03-24-13, 08:08 PM
Everything I have read says if the dealer wants to know if you've messed with the PCM, it's fairly easy. The diablo might erase what it did, but they can tell, perhaps to the number of times, it has been programmed- like a counter. If you blow up your engine or supercharger, my guess is you're going to have issues getting it covered for major costly repairs. That all depends on the dealer, and the nature of the repairs. I would wafer that if you need a $10,000 repair job, GM would dig deeper. For minor things, minor costs, I doubt anyone would look.