: Anyone in SE Michigan want to swap taillights?

03-15-13, 10:03 AM
I have tinted tails and I would like to swap them with someone who has non tinted tails in decent condition. I'm tired of the black on black look, and while I wait for the car to be sold I might as well bring it back to a stock appearance, something that I wanted to do this year anyway.


03-15-13, 01:54 PM
Do you know how they were tinted?

03-16-13, 12:16 AM
I have a pair that are ever-so-slightly tinted, and I actually wanted them darker. A lot darker. They were done professionally by a body shop when I had to have a little rear end fender bender damage repaired last year. Quality job. Again, BARELY noticeable unless you're looking at completely untinted tails side by these ones.
I'm not in southern Michigan, but we might be able to work something out. I'm across the river from Port Huron, MI; in Sarnia, ON.
Lemme know!