: 2002 Seville trunk mount cd changer

01-05-05, 11:33 PM
My 2002 SLS, did not come with a cd changer. I found the cable in the center console, and found a console mounted unit. The capacity is only 6 cds. I would like to get a 12 cd unit, and mount it in the trunk. Is there a cable in the trunk also? If not, is there a cable that can be purchased, to go from the trunk, to the center console? And lastly, does anybody have a part number, for the GM 12 cd changer, that will work in my car? Thank you


01-06-05, 02:34 AM
Check this place out, they have all the OEM stuff you need, cables, changers,...ect.


01-06-05, 06:08 PM
Dadillac: I'm looking for a 6 disc.. i'm your neighbor.. shoot me a pm.. let's hookup.. thanks
I could not pm you for some reason..

01-06-05, 06:12 PM

I can't pm you. It says you aren't accepting them. E-mail me at ashmatt@comcast.net.


11-07-07, 04:52 PM
I am putting my 2002 Sevilles CD changer in the trunk myself. The part number is: 12344015 (http://store.yahoo.com/electronman/par12delcdch.html) and can be found at http://www.mnrelectronics.com/par12delcdch.html

I called MNR and confirmed THIS IS the cable they use to mount customers CD changers in the trunks of Cadillacs. Their online purchasing was down, so I ordered it from www.gmpartsdirect.com for $45.52 plus $11.00 s/h. $44.95 at MNR, not sure what they charge for shipping.

May have to do some modification on the cable to get it installed. Once I get it in, I will post my results for future thread readers...

11-08-07, 12:50 PM
why move it to the trunk
and the trunk 12 disc is NOT compatable with the center or glove 6 disc

11-08-07, 04:05 PM
If you move it to the trunk and get the NON CD changer insert for the console, you get a WHOLE BUNCH of storage space, which is lacking in the seville. I am also tying in an electronic cut out switch directly into the wiring harness that will cut out the CD changer and allow two RCA inputs into the system. When a device puts a pre amp signal to the RCA inputs, it will cut off the L and R, plus the Ground from the CD changer and allow direct input into my factory navigation system, therefore optimizing my sound quality from my Ipod (soon to be a Zune) and XM.