: Easiest/economical way to boos HP on 2012 CTS4 3.0

03-14-13, 02:39 PM
Hello folks! Recently got a 2012 cts4 3.0 (xmas gift from wife n kids) I had a 2004 infiniti g35 before.love the ride on the CTS, but i want to add a little "oommmph" to it
What is the easiest/economical way to do this without compromising warranty ? any feedback/ideas are appreciated. a big hello to Ontarians!!

Panzer Leader
03-15-13, 12:28 AM
Not much, maybe the CAI......Definitely get a catch can......There is a shop in Tampa that says they can Supercharge the 3.0 or even add twin turbo. But that has costs. I love my 3.0....I had a G8 with the 3.6 ......The 3.0 has more HP but less torque.