: Corsa VS Borla Axle Back VS SW Chamber & TypeCatback

03-13-13, 06:15 PM
Hello CTS-V Communities,

I'm a newly, proudly owning a brand new 2012 CTS-V as of 17 FEB 2013. I just installed the Airaid intake and I'm about to pull the trigger on one of these following three exhaust system, I have watch most youtube videos posted by user. Pricing that I got are: Borla for $900, SW for $892, and Corsa for $1050. My priority are:

1. No or little cabin drone (same or just a little higher than the current OEM Drone). Definitely no Highway drive drone (60-85 mph)
2. Performance
3. Exhaust for the Money
4. Sound

If you guy can chimp in what system you think would best fit those purposes. Thank you.

Another question is I wanted to put SW chamber system on stock manifold to lower the noise down, so it be loud but not as loud as the S-Type. Please let m eknow what you think if i decide to go SW route.

03-13-13, 06:24 PM
I've had the SW (S-Type_)and the Corsa (current). If the drone/cabin noise are your main priority, Stay away from the SW. Corsa does an excellent job at that and stills ounds GREAT at idle and WOT.

The SW had a ton of drone and was just plain rowdy. GREAT sound though, just not for what i do with the car. The SW chamber are literally quieter than the stock catback IMHO. They are built to muffle the full on header route.

As far as power, these are all going to give you about the same gains....

03-13-13, 07:16 PM
I tried B&B before the Corsa Touring I have now. I LOVE the Corsa. I've got headers so my sound clips are going to be louder than what you may end up with. Zero drone at cruise actually quieter than stock, but it flat out WAILS under throttle. I liked the Corsa so much I bought one for my 2012 Harley F-150.

03-13-13, 09:25 PM

I loved my Corsa in my V1 but was upset they didn't have a V2 catback option. I wanted something easily reversible and no cutting (no Magnaflow/Corsa). B&B had multiple complaints about fitment. While SW probably had the noise I wanted drone was a concern.
So I went with the Borla on my sedan. No drone and highway speeds are quiet as stock. Nice grumble and bark when you get on and off it. To be honest it could be a little louder, but maybe that is better sound deadening in the V2.

A lot of guys will tell you to just get headers and keep the stock exhaust. I have heard that combo and it wasn't quite what I wanted.
Maybe I will add headers to the Borla, anyone have that combo?

If there are people in your area it might be worth going for a drive or two,

03-13-13, 10:24 PM
I have a stainless works chambered exhaust on my ls1 supercharged gto....it is very loud, even when I had the stock cam and stock manifolds. The chambered "muffler" is just a straight pipe with some perferations on the inside, I wouldn't even call it a muffler. It is extremely loud with headers and cam, even when just cruising on the highway....but that is what I want on my gto. On my V wagon, I I will not go with that version. They do make a system with actual mufflers to quite it down. I would go with corsa if you want to avoid drone, or get headers and leave the stock exhaust- you will make a lot more power that way anyway. The catback will net next to nothing, except a better sound.

03-14-13, 11:18 AM
When you guys mention the Corsa, do you mean the Touring or Sport?

03-14-13, 11:50 AM
Touring, thank you for your answer guys, I just ordered the Corsa Touring for $1055

03-14-13, 02:00 PM
I went with the Sport - the Touring was a little too quiet for what I wanted. The volume difference with the Sport with an Air Raid CAI is imperceptible at idle in the car with the windows closed. Give it WOT and you can tell its there though! :D

03-14-13, 03:36 PM
all depends on whatcha like....I have the C sport with headers....no drone, and loud on wot....extremely visceral to say the least....

03-20-13, 12:21 AM
I take delivery of a Thunder Gray Chromaflair V-Wagon this weekend. Red Calipers, 6-speed. Should be cool. I guess I'll go with the Corsa Sports if there really isn't much drone. They sound good on Youtube. Should I add D3 intake or not bother?

03-20-13, 02:43 AM
I take delivery of a Thunder Gray Chromaflair V-Wagon this weekend. Red Calipers, 6-speed. Should be cool. I guess I'll go with the Corsa Sports if there really isn't much drone. They sound good on Youtube. Should I add D3 intake or not bother? The intake is solid. Lots here have varying opinions on which to go with. I had the air raid and switched it out for the D3 and never looked back. The Corsa's RULE. However, if you ever plan on headers, the sports will blow your eardrums in. So long as you aren't going with headers, I expect you will love the sports. Enjoy!

PS: Noise-wise, intakes don't seem to add a ton of volume. There aren't that many baffles in the stock intake system. By comparison, I put a full K&N intake into my 2012 Harley Davidson F-150 6.2L and I thought I'd put headers on it for all the added rumble and noise. The stock intake had two huge boxes full of baffles to quiet things down. Just my opinion to be sure though.

03-20-13, 04:20 PM
You'd think with the Borla you'd get a little more power increase than the Corsa since the Borla is a catback and elimates those funky crush areas that are in the stock exhaust right?


Although I don't notice any Borla Catback for the Vagons so I guess it's a moot point for me. I dunno what I'm going to do with the exhaust on Vagon, might just leave it alone.