: BLS 2006 engine problems continued

03-13-13, 02:37 PM
As the last thread i posted, my mechanic is unable to locate the ECU'S.
If any body could post a link to a site with a diagram of the BLS with a full component schematic with the ecu's highlighted would be much appreciated.
could anyone also clarify which engine the bls has used, 1.9 tid as the engine plate is ys indicating was built 2002 and registered 2006,
thank you in advance


03-13-13, 03:46 PM
That's a bit of an odd one concerning engine build date. It could be a engine that was built to go into either a Saab 9-3 or Vauxhall Vectra. To have an engine lying around for 4 years before stuffing it into your 2006 BLS, I find that a little odd? Then again, I thought it was odd marketing my early 2008 BLS as a 2009 model.

Sorry, I replied to your other thread when you indicated the car was a 2009 model. I still think your garage should be seeking assistance from a Saab indy or Vauxhall indy/dealer. Referring back to Haynes Manuals, there are three for the Saab 9-3, your BLS would probably be better covered on the second edition if you chose to look at one.

Get the garage to remove the right hand inner wing liner. I believe the main ECU is located behind there if it follows the Saab 9-3. Again, you are going to have issues with Tech 2 if you aren't near a Cadillac service centre. Saab/Vauxhall Tech 2 as far as I know, use different GM software.

Obviously, I have no idea where you are based, but would also suggest that if you are close to any of the three remaining Cadillac centres in the UK, your garage should be seeking some sort of assistance from them if all else fails.

06-28-13, 02:20 PM
Basically, if they are not able to locate the ECU I, I wonder how much they are able to solve problems..., it seems they know this car less than you do !

maybe this can help :
I guess I found it somewhere in one of our threads here :confused: