: Cadillac BLS 2006

03-13-13, 01:50 PM
I hope some one can help

My BLS engine was dismantled and has now been rebuilt but will not start (it turns over but will not run), My NEW GARAGE needs an electrical diagram fuel diagram to find out the problem, it is a 1.9 turbo diesel engine 2009 car.

03-13-13, 03:30 PM

Well, seeing as the engine is identical in every way as is fitted to the Saab 9-3 and Vauxhall Vectra, then I can't see that they will have too much of an issue?

I bought the latest Haynes manual (57 t 61 reg) for the Saab 9-3 and it is more than relevant to our own model of BLS. There is a whole host of wiring diagrams in the pages of the manual at the back. I too have a 2009 1.9 model, though the car was built in May 2008. The engine was actually built in 2007 lol!

If they get any huge snags, why not ask them to contact your nearest Saab dealer or Saab independent garage, or even Vauxhall.

Your biggest problem (I don't know where you are based) is if the garage need to activate anything with Tech 2 diagnostics. Only three places available now, Manchester, Milton Keynes or Exeter as far as I know.

03-13-13, 05:53 PM
Thanks for the info, been to Manchester not impressed, if needs be will look to Milton Keynes hope it does not get to this though.

06-28-13, 02:09 PM
Is your car a 2006 (tread title) or a 2009 model (first message) ?