View Full Version : Stuck Nav disk

03-13-13, 10:07 AM
I have a 2010 dts with factory nav.

My son tried to update the disk but now I get a read error and cannot eject the disq.

How do I manually eject the disk?

Thanks in advance:rolleyes:

03-13-13, 04:22 PM
Sorry, my friend, but if it's reading error, there's an internal problem in your unit.
If you take it to the dealer, the techs use metal tools to "try" to remove the disc, and typically it's damaged during removal.

To get the unit repaired or to get an exchange unit is very expensive.

03-13-13, 05:15 PM
did you open the front.... the screen slides out and lays flat??

Push the MENU button... select NAV... select MAP DATABASE INFORMATION...