: ATS TSBs and Updates

03-13-13, 09:41 AM
I brought my ATS in for the CUE update and I looked at the list of TSBs they added to the service reciept.

Turbo Manifold Re-Torque to Spec (for ATS 2.0Ts)
Transfer Case Oil Hose Installation check (for ATS4s)
CUE Update

Seems the bolts on the manifold were out of spec. They didn't say whether they replaced the turbo, as I have heard on the board, but this morning after a spirited drive to work when I got out of the car I smelled the new engine break-in smell. Maybe they just replaced the gasket? Anyway, that's good piece of mind.
The transfer case oil hose wasn't a problem according to the service tech. Check.
CUE Update, well I posted in the CUE forum about that. MUCH MUCH better. No mention if my faceplate was replaced. I couldn't tell.
They ended up doing an oil change even though I have 40% left, probably just easier for them then to have me back in 2 months.

They gave me a loaner 2013 CTS, I assume the base model. I hope I don't offend too many people but the CTS (base, I assume) pales in comparison to my ATS. The engine in that car makes a lot of noise but you don't really go anywhere (I assume the weight of the CTS is the issue here). The ride was basically halfway between land yacht and ATS, which is still ok, but not my thing. The steering was actually pretty good, I think it's still mechanical so I could feel the road. And the interior is 2 steps below its exterior in terms its look and "luxuriousness." The inside of the door was already loose and the leather felt like it was peeling off, and the seats were terrible, they might as well put a bench in the front. All in all when I got back in my ATS, I appreciated it so much more, and I hope the new CTS builds on the progress they made with the ATS. I'm not sure I have been spoiled by the CTS experience, but after the updates, my ATS feel noticeably faster. Again maybe this is relative to the CTS (I had it for two days actually).

03-13-13, 10:02 AM
I agree with the comparison. I traded a 2011 CTS coupe and I like my ATS 2.0T with manual tranny so much better. It's lighter on it's feet and more responsive with all that weight trimmed off. The size is better for a single guy and the rearward view is much improved. The new CTS would really benefit from a diet.