: 76 eldo

03-12-13, 01:12 PM
i'm having trouble with my in-laws 76 caddy that sat in their barn for 25 years. i have done all the gaskets, filters, carb etc. but the motor stalls at 40-50 mph when warm and especially going uphill. i've been told that it could be the sock in the tank but am not sure about that. Any other ideas?

03-12-13, 01:37 PM
Unless you dropped that 25 year old tank and cleaned it, and, replaced or effectively blew out and
cleaned the fuel lines .... you are probably sucking up varnished gas/sediment right through your
fuel pump into that nice new filter ... also, after 25 years of sitting, that Q-jet carb is gonna
need a little help itself... dried up old varnished gas and all the stuff in there
before it went to sleep are not helping you.

I'd pull the new filter you put in at the carb and check it for blockage and, then, commit to dropping the tank
and ensuring clean fuel delivery to the carb.
my 2 cents

03-17-13, 08:19 AM
I think Roadmaster is right. There's probably 5 gallons of varnish, sludge, gravel (many filling stations didn't have the filters on the pumps) and assorted detritus in there. Most likely the sock is plugged solid too.