: New DTS owner!

03-12-13, 12:11 AM
Hello! Just checking in as the proud owner of an '08 DTS w/Performance Pkg. I had a red 97 STS that I ran up to 197k miles. I sold that in favor of an 09 c300 sport mercedes benz, which I sold after 4 months! Then picked up a 99 Miata until I found the right caddy. So, happy to be back in the saddle!

03-12-13, 02:32 AM
Love that rich, ruby color! Congrats! Hope you have many happy miles!

03-12-13, 02:56 AM

Crimson Pearl. I approve.


(Older pic, there's less chrome now.)

03-12-13, 05:15 AM
MoistCabbage, that's one pretty Seville. I like the top.

03-12-13, 05:22 AM
Thank you.

It's impossible to tell from the pictures, but the material on the roof actually has a texture/pattern of thousands of tiny diamond shapes. Interesting to look at.

03-19-13, 09:24 AM

03-21-13, 08:01 AM
We have owned 3 Cadillacs, each special in the own way, a '67 Sedan, a 99 DeVille and a '08 DTS Luxury III. I had mixed feelings about trading the '99 for the beautiful '08, boy was I wrong! Yes the '08 is missing some great things like trumpet horns (why would the get rid of them), and automatic parking brake release, remote fuel filler release and hood crest, but the '08 is a better car in every way! After a 4 month search, I was able to find a rare 6 passenger, loaded with everything other than adaptive cruise, sunroof (we prefer not to have a roof) and navigation (no need, we have onstar). We LOVE the car, and think of it as one of the last of the great ones. It's easy to find the base model, but if you can find a loaded model, it's full of many great options!

03-21-13, 08:57 PM
Cycotom, welcome to the DTS Forum. I love the color and the condition of your Caddy. I hope you and your loved ones enjoy the ride for long long time.

03-23-13, 11:38 PM
Great exterior color! What's the interior color? Hope you have many happy motoring miles.


03-25-13, 12:34 AM
hmmmm. Im my hunt I had a hard time finding the console cars... I know they were standard but seemed like the bench seat cars outnumbered them 3-1. I hunted for a month to find my car, then drove 4 hours away to get it. I wanted the blue chip (or is it dark ming blue?) color with a cashmere interior, chrome wheels, a console and a moonroof. Nav would be nice but was not in the cards, I may convert down the road, seems easy enough. I was lucky enough to end up with everything I wanted plus the Luxury III package. Love it so far! I took off the ugly front plate this weekend and am making color matched plugs for the holes as we speek

03-07-14, 12:11 AM
Great exterior color! What's the interior color? Hope you have many happy motoring miles.


Wow, have I been a slacker on the forums or what?! Thanks everyone. I'm loving it so far!

The interior is tan.

03-07-14, 01:35 AM
Welcome, nice car, I have always been a fan of that color. Enjoy it!

03-07-14, 11:39 PM
Great color and matching grille.