: sts-v vs trailblazer ss

03-11-13, 11:40 PM

Im fixing to sell my f250 and have been lookin to buy a sts-v or trailblazer ss. What are ya'lls opinions? I used to pull alot of trailers but now i have a new job where that is not required, and i need something to just drive back and forth. Girlfriend lives 4 hours away and family lives 4 hours in the other direction. I want something fun that can semi haul people around if need be.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


P.s. what fuel mileage would those get if anyone has any experience?

03-12-13, 01:05 AM
A blast to drive. Crummy gas mileage........12-14 city, 20 Hwy.

Dave G
03-12-13, 08:37 AM
I own one of each.

The SS will be cheaper to fix when it breaks. The transmissions are the weak spot but there are good replacement/upgrade options. If you don't need AWD the 2wd will get better gas mileage. AWD loaded with dogs and luggage we get about 17 mpg highway.

The V is more fun to drive. It gets better gas mileage - with 4 adults and luggage I saw 22-24 mpg. You don't have as many choices/routes to go for aftermarket parts but TimmyC has solid offerings. The engine in the V is super smooth and a nearly bulletproof transmission.

Cadillac Cust Svc
03-12-13, 12:05 PM
Dltnjarrel, I see you're looking for opinions from owners, and I hope you've been finding the feedback helpful so far! If you have any STS-V questions or would like me to provide a build sheet for a particular STS-V you have your eye on, please let me know. I'm happy to help where I can and reachable via email at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com.


Cadillac Customer Service

03-12-13, 10:24 PM
Thank you all. Ive been looking at each and i get 14 mpg highway now so either would be an upgrade. I just wanted something fun/fast to drive. Im 6'4" college football player so i need something i can fit too... any other opinions on vehicles? Tryin to find used for 25k or under.


Dave G.. how much is insurance on each? Thats one problem id have w an sts v is that id think insurance would be outrageous.

03-12-13, 10:43 PM
Srt-8 300/jeep are also very nice. And bigger too.

Dave G
03-13-13, 02:57 AM
The V is a bit more to insure. Your agent should be able to give you a quote on both.

GCSRT8, 300CSRT8 - both would be worth a look, but you'll be let down with the interior after sitting in the V.

03-14-13, 12:26 AM
Have you looked at Pontiac G8s?
The stock performance is equal to the SRT8 Mopars and the STS-V

They are a little larger inside than the STS-V but not as nice and refined.
A G8GT should be a little under your price point with decent mileage
A G8GXP might be a little over but has been holding its value better and has an LS3

03-19-13, 03:48 PM
I came from an AWD Silverado SS when I bought the STS-V. And I must say I miss the AWD. If I didn't live in WA, I would say the V all day long. And don't get me wrong, I love my car, but I'm going to be trading it in for an Audi S7 in the near future, just for the AWD. So if rain isn't really a concern where you are, then go for it... get the STS-V.

03-19-13, 07:35 PM
i drive mine in rain and snow and dont have any issues at all personally. its a preference thing honestly. i prefer the four door sedan look, so thats what i stick with.

03-20-13, 03:41 PM
I had this same comparison back when I was debating too (along with a G8 GXP).

Pros: Excellent performance all around (not just acceleration), as it has a chassis and brakes to match. Smooth refined engine, much more refinement and luxury (duh!), more stylish, responds well to even bolt-on mods (such as a CAI), because it is so restricted stock

Cons: Expensive to modify (lack of aftermarket support in addition), expensive to repair (if out of warranty), difficult to repair, expensive to put tires on (combination of sizes and staggering), fairly thirsty (I get around 12mpg, but that's indicative of my driving style, not the car), requires premium fuel on top of that, the trans may be pretty bullet-proof, but it does have it's hiccups especially with a CAI, parts are pretty much all special order, a lot of complication and electronic gizmos and doodads that can become costly when they break.

TrailBlazer SS;
Pros: AWD option (a must for me... I'll sacrifice the slight MPG and E/T hit for the all weather capability here in Chicago), an LSx engine that has an ENORMOUS aftermarket, parts are plentiful, parts are cheap, engine is easy to work on, standard parts bin GM stuff, being a truck based SUV, can actually be used as a utility vehicle when need be which gives it more "flexibility" as a family vehicle/homeowner vehicle.

Cons: Fuel economy, still a truck based SUV, which means that despite wheels and suspension attention, it still has the mannerisms of a truck based SUV, cheap interior parts, aged platform, and every boiracer (at least around here has one), and it needs to have a split exhaust from the factory. I shouldn't have to do it myself. That last one is just a personal opinion. For all the talk of trans issues on these, that wouldn't be a concern, I have a place locally that bullet proof's GM transmissions behind LSx motors...

G8 (GT or GXP... Obviosuly the GXP is more on the level performance'wise with an STS-V than a GT is);
Pros: Again, like the TBSS, it has a familiar, easy to work on, east to get parts for, ENORMOUS LSx aftermarket, uses the same 6L80E trans as the STS-V, great all-around performer (chassis and brakes), superbly sized interior that is way bigger than the STS-V, and even bigger than the Bonneville (which is bigger than the STS), enormous trunk, and great looks.

Cons: After the engine and transmission, there is no other vehicle in GMNA's portfolio that shares it's parts.... Not driveshafts, diffs, half-shafts, or suspension. It is a little plain on the options, lacks the refinement of the STS-V, only has front Brembo's (not all 4 corners like the STS-V), a little underwhelming in regards to interior accomodations compared to the Caddy, and one of the biggest things (being a current Holden owner), is that as the car ages, parts are going to become difficult to find. Maybe not now, but the G8 right now is where I was around 2007 with the GTO. Now it's 2012, and many parts aren't available or aren't even made anymore. Expect in a few years, the G8 will be in the same boat, especially once the next gen car (the Chevy SS is on this next gen platform), hits U.S. soil. And god forbid you scratch the paint. Insurance will total the car. Ok, maybe not that extreme, but if you have to replace a major body panel, it has to come from Australia. See my point about parts above. They're difficult to come by and expensive to get here.

I tried holding out for a GXP, but prices just would not come down (remember, this is almost 3 years ago), as they were holding their value right after Pontiac's demise. Now they've come down. As much as I wanted AWD, I didn't want another TrailBlazer and it's cheapness, and then a low mileage, Caddy certified extended warrantied, new tired, new brakes, clean STS-V popped in my price range. I chose the STS-V.

If I were shopping now, I would really have a hard time between the STS-V and a G8 GXP.

03-20-13, 04:41 PM
If you can turn wrenches or have deep pockets then pick one up. I love mine.