: Questions about your Caddy: Does it need repairs?

03-11-13, 04:53 PM
If you have any of the following you need a repair.

1. Does you Nav always display the legal warning screen every time you activate it?
2. Does your State always say "Washington DC" in your Nav destination screen even though you have entered your own locale at least once previously?
3. Does you radio/nav unit not return to the same last-chosen item (channel, HD, etc.) when you start your vehicle?
4. Does either of your side mirrors have less than three pieces of chrome surrounding it?
5. Does either of your headlight housings have condensation that won't go away?
6. Is the lighting above your license plate still covered by two diffuser lens?
7. Do you hear clicking behind your center stack?
8. Do you hear grinding in the front end when the ambient is below freezing?

This is just the short list of things I've encountered that needed repairing.

03-11-13, 06:33 PM
i don't have any chrome on my 2012 mirrors

Marc NY
03-11-13, 07:10 PM
i don't have any chrome on my 2012 mirrors Steve is talking about a small "triangular" trim piece that is located just in front of the mirrors. Some of the early 2010 SRX's had their trim adhesive loosen up and or fall off. I had one piece come loose on my 2010 SRX.


Steve, why are you starting up yet another repairs/ warranty/ problems thread? :banghead:

There are so many other threads already created on our site dealing with the exact same issues... and you have posted in all of them. If you feel the need to repost the same information then just go back into the other threads.

IMO: The only reason you started up yet another problem thread is to just stir up the pot again!

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Re: How many times has your SRX gone back for warranty service?

I have a 2010 Premium that has approx. 18K miles on it. Here's all my warranty work:

1. Left rear red reflector fell off and had to be replaced.
2. The chrome pieces surrounding the front mirrors on both sides fell off and had to be replaced. THREE TIMES!
3. Have had the Radio/Nav unit replaced two times due to Washington DC always being the default; wouldn't remember the last selected channel; always got Nav warning screen.
4. No A/C coming out of the rear vents.
5. Rearview mirror had to be replaced due to excess movement.
6. Bluetooth failure due to Logic Lock.
7. Left license plate light lens cover fell off.
8. New front windshield due to delamination in the upper left and right corners.
9. Replaced driver's side headlight due to condensation and water standing in it.

I treat my car very carefully and keep it spotless. This is the first American car I've had in a very long time. I've never had so many problems with other cars I've owned. When Consumer Reports says the "predicted reliability" on this car is not very good, I think you can see why if mine is any indication.

03-11-13, 07:45 PM
Tis very true steve, there is no need to replicate threads. I'll close this one in the meantime.