: Spot free final rinse kit. Interest? Not that most Vs are black

03-09-13, 05:46 PM
Hi fellow forum members. Over the past 2 years, I've been messing around with a spot free rinse kit I've been devising. I actually used to use the mr clean wash system. Ya know the cheesy plastic soap and rinse wand? I actually only would use it for the DI rinse which lasted usually 3-5 washes.

I've played around with a larger filter housing and some nuclear grade DI mixed bed resin in a canister and so far have over 25 rinses and have lots left as it is color changing so you visually know when the DI is spent. And the cartridge is refillable. I believe this setup is good for about 55 -75 gallons of rinse water but that depends on your water. I only use it for final mist rinse to blow off standing water hose water and I can let my black V sit in the sun and dry spotless. So, I'm happy. I expect to get about 50 rinses at least. My driver for this is because commercial systems (like those for boats and RVs) are costly. I've rigged it with garden hose connections and I used quick disconnects and a 2' length of hose after the housing to the misting hose nozzle. I carry the housing in one hand and spray mist with the other.

Any interest from forum member to try this out is sunny warm environment. Right now my price for the final kit is 70. Looking for feedback.

03-09-13, 07:10 PM
pics ?

03-11-13, 11:08 AM
Yeah pictures, and maybe even a small how to for us DIYers?

Awesome idea

03-11-13, 03:48 PM
I have two of those Mr. Cleans - I'd definitely buy a cartridge or two from you!

03-11-13, 08:28 PM
I have a mr clean as well def looking for more info and pics on this

03-12-13, 09:06 PM
Sounds interesting the house I am trying to buy has really hard water... Pics would be cool as well as an estimate of the cost for refills

03-13-13, 10:26 AM
are you making a cartridge replacement for the mr clean system or is it standalone?

im more interested in just making DI water on the cheap for my rinseless washes and occasional 2 bucket washes w/o resorting to getting a CR spotless setup.

03-26-13, 10:13 PM
Any updates on this ?

03-30-13, 08:09 PM
What's wrong with washing in the shade and drying it?

03-31-13, 10:17 AM
Nothing ... I never had hard water where I washed my cars until recently ... So I had more time to dry before getting water spots.

Besides I just found a water filter/softener system on autogeek.com it should work for what I am looking for.

03-31-13, 04:41 PM
What's wrong with washing in the shade and drying it?I actually rarely if ever use the hose, having converted to rinseless washes, but it's good insurance to have as I either wait for the break of dawn or sunset to wash since I don't have shade or a garage drain.

03-31-13, 07:27 PM
Wow sorry its been a while. I didn't suspect interest. I can post pics of the effectiveness when the sun breaks here in PA. I sold my proto kit to a co worker who appears to like it very much. I'll order more material and put a few together.


Mackey. This is standalone. And is not a replacement for the mr clean kits mainly due to copyrights. I piece it together with water filter housings. Blank filter cartridges and DI resin to filter soften the water. The mixed bed color changing resin is pricey for this volume filter. That's why the mr clean unit only handled 3-5 rinses and that's if you used the misting. The refills may be $20-25 for a new cartridge. I may offer just the resin for less if I can find it economically. Note I have been using the same cartridge for 2 years and it is still not spent. So I have about 20 washes with it. And it appears to have much left! I use the filter ad the end of my hose and use a 2' hose with mist nozzle to minimize wasted treated water. Next time I wash I'll take pics. I suspect this week.

04-01-13, 09:21 PM
Cool i look forward to checking it out when you are done making more

04-02-13, 08:44 PM
When the sun breaks in PA? Seems like we've had 1 day/week of sun. Where in PA?

04-05-13, 11:13 AM
When the sun breaks in PA? Seems like we've had 1 day/week of sun. Where in PA?

South central - Chambersburg. Weather and winter have stunk. Approx 0 nice days and car looks like poo.