: 2007 STS RWD Killing me softly...

03-09-13, 01:48 AM
Hello CCCR,

My 2007 STS has about 83K miles and I have already fixed or need to fix the following list of items. I'm thinking this is a bit ridiculous and I am hoping someone can make some recommendations.

Replaced power steering pump - $636 parts and labor - complete
Replaced water pump - $638 parts and labor - complete
Replaced front head lamp (after spending $100 on bulb that couldn't be put in) - $956 - complete however it did come with a 12 month warranty - although I know from experience it won't last more than 4-5 years before it fills up with water again & Ill have to buy another)
Recall Pinion Seal - Free (Thanks GM)

Yet to be fixed:
Replace other head lamp - $956 at dealer
Replace MRC Shocks - $3000 parts and labor at Belle Tire - and you expect us to replace these every 50K miles? at 3K a pop?
Chrome Rims leaking through the rim! - my understanding from the Belle Tire guys is that the chrome wheels basically rot out and allow air to leak out the bottom of the rim - $ Cost unknown
Tire Monitor System (completely useless IMHO) - $ Cost Unkown

And then the small items such as broken seat control panel, heated steering doesn't work and am expecting the timing chain to go out before it hits 100K. And this is the best car GM makes? I mean I can understand some maintenance costs for the premium brand, but this is a bit ridiculous; and approaches ludicrous.

Of course, shame on me for not knowing what it would take to maintain a Cadillac. My last Cady a 1996 STS was a much higher quality car; it only needed a transmission. I wish they made manufacturer's list part replacements costs at the time we buy the car - but then again Cadillac wouldn't like that would they.

Thoughts or comments?


03-09-13, 11:46 AM
If you're going to own a Cadillac you better be prepared to pay the "Cadillac tax".

03-10-13, 11:05 AM
Why do you need shocks? If they arent broke dont fix them. Shocks do not need replaced every 50k

Cadillac Cust Svc
03-11-13, 10:58 AM
DD, I'm sorry you've experienced these frustrations up to this point! GM takes comments like this seriously, and I'm definitely happy to explore your next steps with you and look into the matter further on your behalf. At your convenience, would you please email me with the last eight of your VIN? I'm reachable at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com.


Cadillac Customer Service

03-11-13, 03:12 PM
Because the car bounces like a child on a spring toy; regardless of ride setting. I'm from Michigan, and if anyone else has driving on I-69 has it heads from Lansing to Flint their are some wavy sections in the road. Drive them in my car and you'll feel like you're driving over speed bumps with the bumps. Literally bounce up and down like your on a horse; and not an iron horse!

What is the recommended mileage to change shocks on a Caddy?

And honestly, if it was on thing or another, I wouldn't be so yanked. But it's everything, all at the same time, and all of them stem from the manufacturer. Come on is this really the "Standard of Excellence for the World."


Hello Katie,

Thank you for reaching out. I have sent you an email.