View Full Version : Getting s/s chrome wheel well trims put on my 1998 Deville

03-08-13, 05:40 AM
I like to know how well they hold up on the car wheel well trims fender mounts? The set I got is 6 pieces. Simce back doors are pary of rear wheel well.the trims are stainless. Syeel with chrome like finish. They have black gaskets on there backs also location marked in nack where esch one goes. My Deville color is Silver I am having them onstalled Monday. Have others gotten these wheel well trims fender mounts s/s trims mounted on there cars.? My kit comes with mounting clips an stainless. Steel screws if want tjey sctew thur clips. I going with screw monut for more secure. I like to hesr from otjers who have tje above.