: Remote start, something weird....

03-07-13, 11:56 AM
Last Friday my wife comes home and said she tried to remote start her car with the iPhone app and it failed and it gave her a message that indicated that remote start wasn't supported on this vehicle (don't know the exact wording as I didn't see the error). Also, the remote start buttons were no longer available on the app. I tried to remote start the car with my android phone and it worked perfectly. We cycled the power on her iPhone, did a reset of the phone, nothing seemed to work. The next morning, the remote buttons are again available on her iPhone and the remote start works perfectly. Anyone ever see anything like this before? She has an iPhone 5 with everything updated to current versions. Just seemed sort of weird.

03-07-13, 12:52 PM
The Remotelink app is still buggy, to say the least. When we start our SRX for the first time after an ignition cycle, it gives us the proper "your vehicle is running" message (although sometimes taking an age to do so). But if we start it again (or extend the runtime), it tells us something about "cannot start your vehicle with a key in the ignition", which is funny considering that no SRX has an ignition key. What's even funnier is that despite the error message, the command still works and the SRX is running when we get to it.

The best advice I can give is to make sure she's always running the latest version of the app.

03-07-13, 01:09 PM
also fyi, remote start is disabled if the check engine light is on

03-07-13, 06:33 PM
Or the hood is popped.