: 2006 sts-v

03-07-13, 11:25 AM
Mine up for sale in the classifieds section. Need to sell quick and I am asking $18,500 which is as low as I can go. Spread the word guys! Thanks.


Dave G
03-07-13, 12:19 PM
Nice color combo. I wish I could swing another one ;)


03-07-13, 12:57 PM
what do you have done blownv?

03-07-13, 01:26 PM
Pictures in the classified ad. Just the spectre intake and magnaflow exhaust on the performance side. Also did poly front and rear sway bar bushings. Poly diff bushing mount. LED's all the way around. 6000k HID's. Tinted windows, blacked out tailights and marker lights, black metallic flake powdercoated wheels, cross drilled slotted rotors, hawk pads...I think that is it. I just had the front bumper and hood repainted bc of the chips in the paint that had accumulated over the years and I refinished the headlights and replaced the windshield not too long ago bc of a nice crack in it. Car runs great, no issues...just got a new vehicle and need to sell this one to pay off some student loans.

03-07-13, 02:10 PM
wahtd ya get?

03-08-13, 12:21 PM
It's a secret...I'll post pictures soon!

03-14-13, 11:18 PM
What does it start with? :D