View Full Version : Rebuilding my Fleetwood electroluminescent opera lamps,a work in progress

03-06-13, 08:59 PM
I know there has to be others like me out there that think these lights look great and and want to get them operational again.Some model caddys can be replaced with universal incandescents and or easily found at salvage yards.But finding a working pair for a rwd Fleetwood Brougham is near impossible.And if you do find a working set they will not last long anyway as GM did not put any UV protection in the originals.The Fleetwood lights are more narrow and tedious to work with.I've attached some pics of the progress,so far so good.

03-07-13, 03:23 PM

03-07-13, 03:32 PM
Let there be light! I hit a few snags but got it figured out.Should of been obvious to me that the EL strip did not like solder heat,no matter how gentle or quick,the solder destroyed the EL strip.After some experimentation with different things,I found that copper ribbon,wire glue and none conductive epoxy did the trick.I accidently deleted the photo's of the entire process but have to rebuild the other lamp now.So I will post more pics with the final steps.I have bench tested this one for several hours now and does not seem to have any issues.Can't wait to get them back on the car for that cool glow!!

03-15-13, 12:24 PM
Cool. Some other people have done this before too. Working opera lights are a huge plus.