: 1999 Cadillac Catera - headlight assembly adjustments

03-05-13, 09:08 AM
Daily Driver
Condition Inside: 10
Condition Outside: 10
Miles: 78,xxx

I have a picture of a pair of headlights on the post. The headlights I have on now how broken adjustment nobs. I the mirrors inside cannot be aimed due to the plastic breaking. My theory is the car parked in cold winter and then drove and hit bump and cracked. I can't find any stock headlights.. I can only find them used and the ones I find used say loose inside or broke. I therefor I found aftermarket headlights(took some searching), but tell me how you guys think they would look on my baby.

03-05-13, 08:47 PM
Looks great. I can't get my headlight adjusters to work right either. Luckily, they are aimed right.

Question - were those headlights plug compatible, or do you have to make modifications and splices?

03-05-13, 10:56 PM
99% of everything that broken can be fixed. U can unmold yous and glue it back in side, I think. At lease try it.!!!!! I personally don't like ones that u found and will not pay over $500 for headlights..... I would like to readjust mine too. But never got chance to do it.

03-06-13, 07:44 PM
Didn't by them yet. Determining on whether to buy them or not. Saving up for them. My headlight aiming are so off. They move around while driving. The mirrors are basically just sitting inside the actually assembly case. How would I go about taking lense off? Torch to heat up glue to pull off lens?

03-06-13, 11:31 PM
The "black eyes" are European and might not be legal in the USA. I'd buy a good 2-part epoxy glue and fix them. The repair will be stronger the original.

When you say "mirrors" do you mean the headlight reflectors? The epoxy should work there too. While not exactly an answer to how to remove the lens this thread should help.

03-06-13, 11:52 PM
Yes the reflectors! Thank you so so so much your so helpful. Couldnt do any of this with you all!

03-12-13, 10:34 PM
Used non expanding insulation foam and dabbed a couple spots and pushed the headlights the whole way over and down and did the same for the other headlight. Whole way over and down to make them almost even. I can see better. But the passenger light is still off. It almost points to the ground. Can someone post some links on here of some aftermarket lights I can get for a 1999 Cadillac Cateta

Thank you.

03-12-13, 11:57 PM
After market housings don't usually come with adjusters.

Why not just replace what's broken?

03-13-13, 10:32 PM
On my catera I just aimed it right and glued it. I did this like 4 years ago and still working fine.

03-22-13, 01:25 PM
I've got the same problem with broken internal reflector mounts. I've also noted that many Catera have this problem, especially those in the recycling yards. However there are a few places that have good replacement units, but it is a crapshoot.
I've read that someone put the entire assembly in an oven around 300 degrees to soften the epoxy seals, so as to open it up for internal mount repair, but I fear that the process would melt the housing.
Try this site: carparts.com
I'm still looking for the best replacements, L&R, foreign or whatever.
Good luck

03-22-13, 07:08 PM
Try a junk yard. I wouldn't spend too much as you never know what my not be working correctly next week.