: Tune and dyno near Pittsburgh?

03-04-13, 01:20 PM
Does anyone out there know any good shops in the Pittsburgh area or with in a decent range to get a good custom tune and a dyno run on my v. All the shops I see on here seem to be a quite the road trip away! I just put on the spectre stage 1&2 intake, NGk plugs, manga flow exhaust with x pipe, high flow cats, and flushed and changed all the fluids now lookin to get it running on top of its game.

03-04-13, 06:27 PM
Did you buy the black and tango red one on CL in Butler?

ASAP racing dyno tuned my LS1 Camaro SS. Dont think there is anyone around here who specializes in a N*

03-04-13, 09:41 PM
Get with Ryan (1MADSTSV). I think his tuner is going to be around soon.

03-04-13, 11:17 PM
I bought it off a buddy of mine it's the black with black/red interior, I think it was on CL but he's from beaver county. But thanks for the info does he make his own tunes cause I'm new to this kind of stuff just tryin to learn all the ins and outs!

03-05-13, 05:35 PM
Yup that's the one. Paid 15500 with just over 100k