: Service suspension system Speed limited to 90

03-04-13, 12:45 PM
Ive got a 2000 STS with 27,000 original miles. Just got the car, It was a granny driver...and barely at that. The car is darn near mint and runs great. I've got the following message coming up on the dash: " Service suspension Sys Speed limited to 90" I hooked up my OBD II scanner tool and couldn't pull the fault codes. What's the protocol, or normal order to hook up the OBD scanner? With engine running? Key on, engine off? Can I pull the codes with my OBD II scanner?

Also, I was able to get the following code from the dash info: Current fault: RSS C0577. From what I've read everywhere else....sounds like front left strut. How or what do I test the strut? Where are the wires located coming from this strut?

I tried checking some of the under seat fuses, but can't seem to find any blown...does anyone have any specifics on these, or which to check?. Manual says #34 suspension sys or something...i checked that and a few others...


03-14-13, 04:12 PM
Most code readers will only pull up "P" codes. The suspension codes are S codes.